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Huawei Enterprise Storage

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Huawei delivers unified storage solutions for your largest enterprise applications and most demanding technical workloads. Whether your requirement includes NAS, SAN or SSD, Huawei enterprise storage systems can manage data for your largest enterprise applications and your most demanding technical workloads.

Huawei OceanStor T series unified storage system (T series) is a new-generation storage product for
mid-range and high-end storage applications. It boasts integration of block-level and file-level data storage,
support for a variety of storage protocols, and GUI-based central storage management.


  • Efficient – Maximum number of disks and ports as well as SPC-1 tested performance 30% higher than the industrial level; caching capacity 4 times as the industrial level
  • Smart
    – SmartQoS ensures performance needs of key services, doubling resource utilization
    – SmartTier: Accurate hotspot statistics and relocation, tripling performance
    – SmartMotion: Dynamic, scenario-based deployment adjustment, doubling disk utilization
    and cutting O&M cost by 60%
  • Simple – Deploying 100 LUNs in one minute, boosting efficiency by 10 times; All storage devices controlled by a single management system

Pain Points&Solution

  • Pain: Need a single storage system that can handle block and file I/O supporting all popular protocols
    Solution: Huawei’s T-series storage solutions provide support for both Converged file- and block-level data in a single system supporting converged interface protocols including FCoE, CIFS, iSCSI, NFS and FC
  • Pain: Need a unified platform across a series of solutions with different capacity and performance characteristics
    Solution: Huawei T-Series supports unification of NAS, SAN and storage servers including an interface module and power supplies that are reusable across the T-series products; T-Series solutions also provide complete
    interoperability across high-end, mid-range, and low-end storage arrays allowing dynamic migration for tiering
  • Pain: Need faster data reconstruction capability in the case of drive failure
    Solution: Huawei T-Series Solutions Fast data reconstruction: reduce data reconstruction time from 10 hours to 30 minutes, increasing reconstruction speed by 20 times

Disk Storage System

Featuring high reliability, intelligence, and high performance, Huawei Disk Storage effectively meet customers’ requirements for centralized storage, high-availability clustering, data sharing, etc.

Cloud Storage and Big Data

Huawei provide high-performance clustered NAS series product and EB level scalability and cost-effective massive storage system to code with Big Data and cloud storage requirements.

Application Storage System

Highly reliable and open, Huawei data protection provide high performance and meet customers’ requirements for backup, disaster recovery and cloud storage backup.

Storage Area Network

The SNS line supports your enterprise SAN switching needs and helps reduce enterprise SAN costs with the superior switching performance, powerful scalability, and easy-to-manage features. This line offers unprecedented scalability, small footprint, and low TCO.

Storage Resource Management

Huawei storage software with powerful, open, easy-to-use features, meet the storage resource management, disaster recovery, backup and other business needs.